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Ford Puma ST MK2 Stage 3 Intercooler - VUDU

Ford Puma ST MK2 Stage 3 Intercooler - VUDU

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Ford Puma ST MK2 Stage 3 Intercooler - VUDU

Introducing the VUDU Stage 3 Intercooler for the Ford Puma ST MK2. The new VUDU Performance Intercooler is expertly constructed from a tube and fin core utilizing CFD flowed cast end tanks ensuring the highest of cooling capabilities.

As this Stage 3 Intercooler also fits the Fiesta ST MK8 we have been able to run in-house testing on the Intercooler to witness it's cooling powers first hand, and to be able to show to you how it works. You can check out our VUDU Intercooler Testing Blog where we tested the VUDU Intercooler against the Ford Intercooler on our own ST MK8 demo car.

Simply bolting this cooler on increased power and torque 8% along with reducing the charge temperatures of our fiesta st demo car during back to back testing by over 10 degrees consistent meaning we were less than 2 degrees over ambient temperature during loaded pulls.

You can check out our full collection of tuning products for the Ford Puma ST MK2 here.



  • 154% Overall surface area increase for cooling purposes
  • 90% Increase in volume Vs stock intercooler for massive reductions in charge temperature.
  • Tube and fin construction for quick heat recovery and weight reduction 
  • CFD designed end tanks and Fin turbulators for ultimate cooling performance
  • Direct fit no cutting or drilling required


 Require a Fitting?

Please contact the team at AET Motorsport for further details on fitting the VUDU Puma ST MK2 stage 3 intercooler


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