VUDU Coolant Cap for the Ford Fiesta ST180
VUDU Coolant Cap for the Ford Fiesta ST180
VUDU Coolant Cap for the Ford Fiesta ST180


Ford Fiesta ST180 Coolant Cap - VUDU

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Introducing the all new for 2020 VUDU Fiesta ST Coolant Cap Replacement!! 

If you own a Ford Fiesta ST180 chances are the coolant cap has already failed and become stuck in the coolant bottle which is not only frustrating but can be detrimental when looking to fill the coolant bottle and realising you can no longer reseal it.

The VUDU Fiesta ST coolant filler cap is like no other completely replacing the Ford OEM coolant cap including the spring loaded assembly internally which is the inherently weak link in the chain. Further more the VUDU coolant cap is machined entirely from a T6061 Aerospace grade billet coupled with coolant and temperature resistant O-Rings to ensure ultimate reliability whilst aesthetically improving the look of your engine bay. 

It is important to note that this product comply's with the 21PSI regulated pressure found in the OEM coolant cap there for working seamlessly with the Ford Fiesta coolant system.

The VUDU brand is renowned within the Ford tuning scene for its R&D through motorsport platforms, in house dyno facility and technical partners.

This Fiesta Coolant cap has had the full VUDU treatment complying entirely to our strict testing regime whilst looking outstanding every time you look under the hood.


  • Full Billet T6061 construction including internal assembly 
  • Meets OEM recommended 21psi relief valve 
  • Internal assembly removes plastic OEM for total reliability
  • Tested on our championship winning race car

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