Wavetrac Install Kit for E9X 335i DCT r=2.56


Wavetrac Install Kit for E9X 335i DCT r=2.56

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Since March, 2007 production, BMW has fitted rear axles where the ring gear is welded to the differential carrier. Prior to ordering, please send the last 7 digits of your VIN, vehicle details and transmission type to sales@wavetrac.eu so we can identify the correct differential and installation kit.  

Our Install Kits, combined with precision machine work, allow fitment of a Wavetrac® differential in late-model BMW rear axles where the ring gear is factory welded to the standard differential.

Upon receipt of a customer’s differential/ring gear assembly, the ring gear is separated from the stock carrier using CNC equipment. The ring gear is then machined, drilled and threaded to allow bolt mounting to a new Wavetrac® differential.

We then return to the customer:

• Wavetrac® Differential
• Customer’s machined ring gear
• Precision-ground spacer ring (where required)
• Set (10) of custom, high strength ARP® ring gear bolts

For the best possible performance, disassembly of the stock axle, and fitment of the Wavetrac and Install Kit should be performed by Regal Autosport. This ensures that the condition of the axle can be assessed before modifications are performed, and that the re-assembly is done professionally - ensuring correct gear backlash and bearing end play.

Important Note: A Wavetrac Differential must be purchased separately, this is only for you to send your case to us to installed a separately purchased Wavetrac Differential into and send back to you for installation.