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2.0 TFSI Millers Oils 5W40 CFS NT+ Service Pack

2.0 TFSI Millers Oils 5W40 CFS NT+ Service Pack

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A service pack dedicated to the stage 1 and above EA113 engines for those wishing to service their own vehicle.


This kit consists of

5L Millers Oils NanoDrive CFS 5w40 NT+ Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

1x Genuine 2.0/2.5TFSi Oil Filter - 06D115562


Millers Oils NanoDrive CFS 5w40 NT+ Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
This is a fully synthetic Triple Ester engine oil formulated using Millers Oils’ unique NanoDrive technology. This technology helps reduce friction to enable professional race teams to achieve winning results.

CFS 5w40 NT+ is recommended specifically for competition or modified engines, where maximum power release is the preferred criteria. It’s formulated for high revving engine used in circuit racing or for larger engines used for short durations, such as hill climbs and sprints.

CFS 5w40 NT+ presents significantly reduced friction, with laboratory tests and results displaying up to 60% friction reduction, as well as a reduction in wear in comparison to standard engine oils. It helps to elongate engine life by reducing component wear and heat.

Its superior anti-friction and anti-wear characteristics make it suitable for engines often put under high stress.

Aside from this, using this engine oil will increase the power output and torque of an engine, as well as improving reliability and energy efficiency.

Millers Oils
Established in 1887, Millers Oils are a leading independent blender of oil and fuel additives. They have a wide range of different transmission and engine oils, as well as fuel treatments. Each is formulated to deliver outstanding performance and increased engine longevity.

  • This engine oil has been manufactured to exceed the requirements of API SM/CF, and ACEA A3/B4
  • Can operate at 125°C, peaking at 150°C


An extra 1L Top up bottle can be purchased here


Please check part numbers before ordering! If you are unsure if this item will fit your vehicle, please ask the team before purchasing.

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