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Ford Puma ST MK2 Cotton Panel Air Filter - VUDU

Ford Puma ST MK2 Cotton Panel Air Filter - VUDU

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VUDU Cotton Panel Air Filter for the Ford Puma ST MK2.

Improve the breathing capabilities of your Puma ST MK2 with this Cotton Panel Filter from VUDU Performance.

The Panel Air Filter is a great first cheap upgrade you can make to your motor, lasting a lifetime and with our "Flowtec" specially designed cotton layers we can increase over all air flow by up to 27% on the standard Puma ST MK2 airbox allowing your engine to breath colder and denser air.

For the engine to work to its highest potential it needs a steady supply of clean and cold air for combustion. The OEM paper filter can be prone to clogging and preventing airflow to the 1.5cyl ecoboost engine. Compared to the OEM air filter, the VUDU cotton panel filter allows for an increase of up to 27% airflow, providing an increase in power and performance!

Whats the VUDU "Flowtec"

Our Flowtec technology allows us to have a particular flow construction of cotton layers which means whilst having an awesome flow rate its also considerably better filtration than alternative foam and cotton air filter options on the market today.

Bad air filters can cause a host of issues from poor power results to pitted turbo compressor wheels and ultimately turbo and engine failure. this is guaranteed not to be the case with our Ford Puma ST MK2 air filter.

Expertly designed to ensure high-quality air filtration, the rigid cotton design effectively prevents dust, sand, insects, and other unwanted particles from entering your engine and damaging it. 

Easily fitted in replacement to the OEM air filter the VUDU Panel Filter is a must-have upgrade for the Puma ST.

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