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Cobra Sport

Audi S3 (8V) Saloon (Non-Valved) (13-18) Turbo Back Performance Exhaust

Audi S3 (8V) Saloon (Non-Valved) (13-18) Turbo Back Performance Exhaust

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Front Pipe
Centre Section

Note: This product fits Non-GPF models only

Cobra Sport performance exhausts enhance the sound, looks and quality of your vehicle giving you the ultimate driving experience. Our sports exhausts range is fully guaranteed to give you assurance of our quality.

This Audi S3 performance exhaust is made in 3"/76.2mm pipework and fits from the turbo backwards (Turbo back system) these exhausts replace the front pipe, standard catalyst, centre and rear sections.

The high flow sports cat version will enable you to pass a UK MOT emissions test or police road side checks.

The de-cat exhaust is sold for motorsport and off road use only and will NOT be able to pass a UK MOT emissions test or police road side checks.

The resonated sports exhaust option includes the centre silencer and has a subtle but sporty tone. This exhaust is also available as a non-resonated version (excluding the centre silencer) which is a louder option as it excludes the centre silencer and therefore, has a sportier exhaust note.

All relevant fittings and gaskets are supplied. (Except turbo clamp).

Note - The fitted images only show the resonated cat-back system.

Please Note - This performance exhaust removes the use of exhaust valves. When switching drive modes (e.g. Comfort to Dynamic mode) your exhaust tone will not change from quieter to louder as before. Using a Non-Valved exhaust will not harm the running of your vehicle, you will simply not have exhaust sound options, however the Cobra Sport exhaust has been designed with this in mind.

This exhaust is also available as a 'valved' options, please see related items.

Press Release

Delivering an even harder performance edge to Audi's brilliant S3 Saloon is the new cobra sport performance exhaust. Cobra sport's sales manager, Matt Thomas says, "The Audi S3 Saloon continues to delight drivers with its superb all round performance and cobra sport objective has been to further enhance what is a totally involving driving experience on both road and track."

Designed and manufactured to uncompromising standards of quality and excellence that complement a super design we have matched amazing performance and looks that are simply awesome. The resonated cat back system increase sound levels by +11db to a sporty yet refined 87db recorded on the static 4,000rpm sound test.

This system was transformed with a 3" bore upgrade available as various optional configurations depending upon how adventurous the purchaser would like to be. At the top end of the conversion, with a complete turbo back system including de-cat (re-map Required) the power gains are more than significant, with results showing an impressive 35% increase on BHP.

The Cobra Sports quad exit system benefits from angled 88.9mm tailpipes which can be finished in either original highly polished stainless steel or the new Cobra Sport Blackout ceramic coated finish. The end result of this attention to detail, is an ultra-lightweight system with the non resonated cat back system saving a huge 53% over standard weighing in at only 11.26kg. The Cobra Sport exhaust system complements the S3â's body styling and sporting pedigree while delivering enhanced performance and handling capabilities.


Example of Audi S3 (saloon) sports exhaust (cat-back - non-resonated).

Example of Audi S3 (3 door) sports exhaust (cat-back - resonated).

Example of Audi S3 (3 door) sports exhaust (turbo-back system - sports cat & resonated).

Example of Audi S3 (saloon) sports exhaust (turbo-back system - de-cat & non-resonated).

Example of Audi S3 (saloon) sports exhaust (turbo-back system - de-cat & non-resonated).

British Touring Car Championship & UK VAG Events - Cobra Sport Brand Video.

Developed on the Track, Released for the Road - Motorsport Proven Exhaust Technology. 


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