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RacingLine Stage 2 Performance Rear Discs 310mm Vented

RacingLine Stage 2 Performance Rear Discs 310mm Vented

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RacingLine Stage 2 Performance Rear Discs 310mm Vented
To suit PQ35 and MQB vehicles with 310 x 22mm Vented Rear Discs.  

RacingLine’s Stage 2 Performance Rear Disc/Rotor upgrade is the perfect upgrade to match any RacingLine Big Brake Kit. A pair of high quality, direct replacement rear vented discs that are a simple swap for your factory originals.  Manufactured with the same triple-groove design as the RacingLine front BBK discs, these rear rotors will match perfectly in both performance and appearance. Plus, being treated with black Cerakote ceramic coating you can be sure that you won't ever have to suffer the rusty factory hubs again! 

Looking for a set of rear discs/rotors to match your RacingLine Big Brake Kit? The Stage 2 Performance Rear Discs/Rotors are the answer. They make the perfect upgrade to complement either a RacingLine Stage 2 or 3 Big Brake Kit, and also the factory front braking hardware. The 310mm x 22mm single-piece discs use the same ‘Triple Groove’ design across the face for improved bite and debris clearance.

The one-piece disc (rotor) itself is made from high cast carbon - a mixture of high quality steel combined with carbon, giving a far higher friction coefficient compared to normal steel rotors. To protect your discs, Cerakote ceramic high temperature coating in black is used for the centre bell and outer lip to provide thermal protection and ensure corrosion resistance for many years. Get rid of those rusty factory hubs forever more!

Fitment is simple: they are a direct replacement for factory ventilated rear discs/rotors of 310mm x 22mmsize. Note that for cars with smaller non ventilated 300x12mm rear rotors, an OE caliper upgrade to the larger size would be needed before fitment of these discs. Compatible with all brands and compounds of brake pads.

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