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Wavetrac ATB LSD Built Differential for F20 + F21 M140i (incl. LCI) with 3.08 Final Drive Axle

Wavetrac ATB LSD Built Differential for F20 + F21 M140i (incl. LCI) with 3.08 Final Drive Axle

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Wavetrac Europe is now stocking Wavetrac ATB LSD equipped axles! Wavetrac is the most technologically advanced ATB LSD available on the market, with the patent-protected features its design delivers performance and longevity like no other.

Find out why Wavetrac’s ATB LSD is unrivalled by clicking the link here.

Most BMW axles from 07 onwards were manufactured with a friction welded ring gear and open differential. This can cause some headaches for installation concerning vehicle downtime while the factory differential/ring gear is separated by precisely machining the parts away.

Wavetrac Europe has now solved this for the M140i equipped with the 33107599411 3.08 axle. Have a 2.81 Final Drive Axle? We also stock an axle for this too!

Please provide your VIN and transmission type at the checkout during ordering or prior to member of staff by email or phone so we can verify which axle and ratio are correct for you so we supply the correct axle.

Each exchange axle comes complete with the following:

  1. Wavetrac ATB LSD
  2. ARP Ring Gear Bolts
  3. New, Genuine BMW Axle Seals
  4. Backlash Setup to OE Tolerances
  5. Precisely Machined Ring Gear

You will need to spec oil, for this application we advise for Motul Competiton 75w140.

The exchange process is a simple 2 step process you can find below, we also offer a drive-in, drive-out service at our Southampton facility.

  1. Pay for the product + the exchange deposit and we will send out to you a 30.309.155WKFM1/M140i.
  2. We will then refund the exchange deposit if a complete, usable (in good working order) axle is received within 10 working days. Axles which require maintenance/repair to be put into service or are not in working order will not be refunded.

Applicable Models with 3.08 Final Drive 33107599311 Axle:

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